How to Start at eck

Welcome to Emerald City Karate!  We’re excited to welcome you to Emerald City Karate.  We are really grateful you chose to train with us, and the ECK team is looking forward to working with you over the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years.

We are currently offering classes both INDOOR in-person classes and ONLINE classes via zoom.

Most students get started with our Unlimited Two-Week Trial which includes a T-shirt, karate belt, and two weeks of karate classes for $29.99.



1. Click ‘signup’ from the left navigation bar.

2. Click the red “sign up” button to select the two-week trial membership for the correct age group.

  • Little Dragons class is for ages 4 to 6 years old.
  • Youth & Family class is for ages 7 & older.
  • Teens & Adults class is for ages 13 & older.

3.  Please fill out all the information in the required fields.

4.  If you’d like to sign up for our two-week trial but attend your first class at a later date, please fill in the date you’d like your first class to be on the table.  If needed, we can then fix the date for your first class on our end.

5.  After you finished this process, you will receive an automatic email from our software which will explain how to reserve a spot in our in-person classes.  

*Please be sure to use your preferred email address on your child’s account on Zen Planner in order to receive our member-specific emails.  

6.  Don't forget to RESERVE your spots! 

Please use this link to reserve spots for our in-person classes for your two-week trial.

You're welcome to reserve all the classes you would like to attend during your two-week trial at once.

We’re looking forward to seeing you kick life up a notch!  

Please call us at 206-437-3932 or email us at if you have any questions.

Frequent Asked Questions 

Q.  I want my two-week trial to start at a later date.  How can I do that?

A.  Please fill in the date you would like your first class to be on the table.  When signing up for the two-week trial there is a table for personal information and start times.  Let us know what the best date for you.  We'll change the starting date on our end.

Q.  How do I reserve a spot in class?   I don't have the link to reserve spots for in-person classes.

A.  Please use this link to reserve your spots for our in-person classes. 

Q.  I received a password reset email from Zen Planner, but when I logged in, I didn't see any classes available on the calendar.  Am I looking in the right spot?

A.  We do not use Zen Planner to reserve spaces in our regular classes.  Instead, we're using a web-based system called "BookWhen" for reserving spots for our in-person classes.  No login or credit card information is required to reserve classes via bookwhen.  Please use this link to reserve a space in class...